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Cricket coaching where your kid is the hero

A big smile erupts on their face. It’s a look of euphoria. They’ve never struck the ball so well, with such confidence, precision and poise. They rush up to you, more confident and open than you’ve seen them in months. Their passion for the game has come back – and so has their confidence.

At home, they tell you about their day at school. Their grades have been improving and they’ve made new friends. The teachers even commented about their increased participation in class.

Your heart swells with pride and you reflect on the moment you decided to send your kid to Big Future Cricket Academy.

Stars are born here!

“We could not be happier with the improvement to Braith’s cricket skills – both his batting and bowling have improved rapidly.  Equally pleasing, the growth in Braith’s self belief and confidence has been amazing. Already we can see Braith is more confident to back himself and play to his potential.

Anand has an incredible skill of being able to identify what is needed to improve an individuals skills and abilities and the real talent of being able to instruct and inspire young cricketers to make the change. 

Braith eagerly looks forward to his training session each week and we can’t recommend Anand and ‘Big Future Cricket Academy’ highly enough”.

– Julie Anne May, Mother of Australian Cricketer Mitchell Starc, and future star, Braith.

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Why our kids succeed

Curriculum Based Coaching

Traditional cricket coaching focuses on ‘band-aid’ solutions without addressing the core problems, creating gaps in a child’s cricket development. As the only cricket academy run by a qualified primary school teacher, we know the importance of a solid foundation. That's why we developed the Big Future Coaching Curriculum™ - an in-depth, step by step program covering both technical and mindset coaching, ensuring nothing is missed in your child’s journey to becoming a successful cricketer and person.


Backed By Science

The ball doesn’t know if the batter’s name is Virat, Sachin or Ricky. Or if the bowler holding the ball is Mitchell or Shane. The ball simply reacts to the forces put on it! We believe in using the way your child is built (biomechanics) and the way forces work (physics) to maximise their potential for power while keeping them safe from injury! This leads to players who surprise even themselves by how hard they hit the ball, how quickly and accurately they bowl and how easy it feels!



While others simply focus on how to hit a ball better or bowl the ball more accurately, we have found that players can only go so far without the right mindset. Sure it feels great to hit the ball well in practice, but unless they are taught mental skills, they spend their playing careers stressed out, and underperforming. At Big Future Cricket we make sure to develop a mindset that allows players to get the best out of every single bit of their ability! As a cricketer, you can only improve as much as you improve your mental skills.

More than Cricket

Of course you want your child to become a great cricketer. But it’s more than that. It’s about how they carry themselves once they put the bat and ball away. It’s about how they are able to navigate the ups and downs of life. It’s about developing an attitude that allows them to be happy and confident no matter what the circumstances are. At Big Future Cricket Academy, your child will learn life skills like resilience, dealing with pressure and teamwork - the kind of skills that lead to better grades, improved confidence and big smiles.

Your kid's pathway to success

We know you don’t take your child’s development lightly. Neither do we. After all, we only get one chance at it. It’s why we have put careful thought into creating a 3-pronged approach that we’ve tested with plenty of children. Children who participate in all three of our programs find themselves continually experiencing success and fun in cricket.


What parents love about our Breakthrough Academy Group Training Program is the structured, uplifting and socially positive environment where they learn skills from all aspects of cricket. They also love how sessions are designed to improve interpersonal confidence and teamwork as well as cricket skills. What kids love about it is how fun it is and how they are learning something new all the time! 



What parents love about our Matchwinner Private Coaching Program is the mentoring relationship that their child builds with their coach. They also love the structured and personalised nature of their sessions. What kids love about the sessions is how much they improve and how the coaches work on exactly what they need in a patient and fun way and how they improve really fast!



What parents love about our Confidence Boost Cricket Holiday Programs is how confident their child ends up after the camp. They also love how they learn how to thrive in a team environment and how happy their child is about their improvements. What kids love about the programs is that they are fun, structured and hands on and that they get to make lots of new friends! 



The elation of making a NSW underage state program or the heartbreak of missing out starts years before the trial. Success or failure comes down to hundreds of hours over a few years to be ready to compete with the state’s best youth players. Our High Performance Squads are the perfect structure for aspiring talented cricketers and provide the opportunity to develop mental, physical, technical and strategic parts of their game. 

Big Future Action Plan

Getting started with us is simple – you’re just 3 quick steps away from helping your child build the big future they deserve.


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Choosing a cricket coach can be hard. The wrong choice can not only be a waste of time, but also end up setting your child backwards, damaging their skillset, confidence and love for the game. That’s why we offer trial sessions, so you can experience the Big Future Cricket Academy approach first-hand before entrusting your child with us.


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We know the most important part of any sport is that children love it, and we’re proud to say we are second to none at making our programs fun so that your child falls in love with cricket, at the same time our curriculum-based approach focuses on building core cricketing skills while also developing resilience, tenacity and confidence. 


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When your child comes to Big Future Cricket Academy, you get the peace of mind knowing our academy is firmly grounded in educational best practice and designed to help children realise their potential – as cricketers and as people. It’s cricket coaching beyond the bat and ball.

What our parents are saying

Big Future Voice

Good Coaching vs Great Coaching

Imagine watching as your child stands at the crease, the bowler trotting toward them, intent on sending a thunderous delivery right through centre stump. As

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Big smiles at Big Future

Our Mission


Being a kid is HARD. That’s all there is to that. As adults we grow up but we often forget how big our problems were to us when we were kids. Not making a team, not being accepted by friends, not feeling good enough, stressing about exams, withdrawing. It’s NOT easy. One thing we’ve learned is that kids don’t need to grow up being shy and paralysed by a fear of failure. They don’t need to grow up putting themselves down when those around them are successful. 

We know that confidence and resilience can be taught at a young age and that translates to kids who are happy and confident. Those are the people who grow into confident and happy adults ready to take on whatever life and cricket throw at them. Book your trial today to get your child started on the way to a big, happy, confident future. 


Big Future Cricket Academy exists to do one thing – to develop happy and confident kids who can deal with anything life throws at them.


At Big Future Cricket Academy we believe that children learn best when the environment is positive and uplifting. We also believe that learning should be hidden in fun!

We inspire first and keep kids engaged!

They are having an absolutely great time. Meanwhile we are teaching them the best practice in cricket, how to deal with pressure, how to be a great team player and how to be confident and resilient.

Similar to when you sneak veggies into their smoothies. We give them everything they need to grow up happy, confident and successful and all they know is that they’re having the best time playing the sport they love!  


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