A big smile erupts on their face. It’s a look of euphoria. They’ve never struck the ball so well, with such confidence, precision and poise. They rush up to you, more confident and open than you’ve seen them in months. Their passion for the game has come back – and so has their confidence.

At home, they tell you about their day at school. Their grades have been improving and they’ve made new friends. The teachers even commented about their increased participation in class.

Your heart swells with pride and you reflect on the moment you decided to send your kid to Big Future Cricket Academy.


“We could not be happier with the improvement to Braith’s cricket skills – both his batting and bowling have improved rapidly.  Equally pleasing, the growth in Braith’s self belief and confidence has been amazing. Already we can see Braith is more confident to back himself and play to his potential.

Anand has an incredible skill of being able to identify what is needed to improve an individuals skills and abilities and the real talent of being able to instruct and inspire young cricketers to make the change. 

Braith eagerly looks forward to his training session each week and we can’t recommend Anand and ‘Big Future Cricket Academy’ highly enough”.

– Julie Anne May, Mother of Australian Cricketer Mitchell Starc, and future star, Braith.

Breakthrough Academy Sessions!

Develop & Succeed
Leadership, teamwork and social skills are key aspects of developing a child into happy and successful adult. Throughout our 90 minute weekly Academy sessions, children learn the best practice of batting, bowling and fielding while developing confidence, resilience and learn how to perform when the pressure is on. Leading to more success both on and off the field!
Term 1 Program
9 week Program (90 minutes weekly). Time: Dependant on age group Starting: Sunday Feb 9th. Venue 1: Francesco Crescent Reserve, Bella Vista Venue 2: The at the playing fields of St. Paul's Catholic High School, Greystaynes.
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13.5 hours of coaching for just:

$ 299 for 9 x 90 minute sessions
  • Develop batting, bowling & fielding
  • Maximum ratio of 1 coach to 7 students
  • Strictly Limited Spaces
Session Times
Session 1: Young Stars - 9 - 1030am Session 2: Emerging Stars - 1030 - 12:00pm Session 3: Superstars - 12-1:30pm

Pick your session


  • Hit n See™ Trial Sessions

About Our Hit n See™ Trial Sessions

Choosing a cricket coach in Western Sydney can be hard. The wrong choice can not only be a waste of time, but also end up setting your child backwards, damaging their skillset, confidence and love for the game.

That’s why we offer special introductory Hit n See™ trial sessions, so you can experience the Big Future Cricket Academy approach first-hand before investing.

The best and most popular way to do that is with our Private Cricket Coaching Hit n See™. For just $30, your child will get to experience a full one hour private coaching session with our head coach, Anand Verma. They’ll learn batting, bowling and fielding fundamentals and start to build the foundations for the more intangible mental skills required to succeed on and off the field.

Improve Confidence

Our Cricket Coaching Framework is designed to help your child gain the confidence to respond to life's inevitable challenges.

Learn through fun

We know that kids learn more when they're having fun - and that's why Big Future Kids are happy kids.

Develop life skills

At Big Future, your child will also learn important mental skills like resilience, focus and teamwork.

About Our Private Cricket Coaching

There’s really no replacement for personalised, one on one private coaching.

The level of attention and focus your child receives means their cricketing game will advance faster than ever. But it’s not just the cricketing skills. Private coaching also provides a great opportunity for kids to learn the all important mental skills that will benefit them on and off the field.

Regular private cricket coaching sessions typically result in a fast improvement of cricketing fundamentals and are our most popular kinds of sessions.

In a Big Future private coaching session, your child will spend 1 hour practicing batting, bowling and fielding skills under close supervision from our highly trained coaches. They will correct technique, demonstrate best practice and run through a series of activities designed to let your child progressively hone their skills.

So whether you’re looking for cricket coaching in Liverpool, cricket coaching in Parramatta, cricket coaching in Castle Hill or cricket coaching in Seven Hills, Big Future Cricket Academy is the Western Sydney cricket coaching specialist to help your child become a better cricketer.

School Holiday Programs

The holiday period is fun for kids, but can be challeging for you. Big Future Kids Holiday Programs are a fun, educational and rewarding way for your child to spend some of their school holiday break.

Over 3 consecutive days they’ll learn how to improve their batting, bowling, catching and throwing within a group setting.

The programs are structured down to the minute and feature a mix of explicit instruction, practice drills and structured games.

They will learn technical skills like how to:

  • Hit the ball with more power, precision and poise
  • Improve bowling accurancy while adding more pace, spin or swing
  • Throw further, faster and with more accurancy
  • Take crisper, cleaner catches with less effort

And with our Game Sense approach, they’ll get a chance to experience real-life game scenarios followed by a full debrief, allowing them to apply the skills they’ve learned. They can expect to learn how to:

  • Analyse game situations and quickly implement strategies to respond
  • Identify their mistakes and learn from them
  • Develop the mental resilience and confidence needed to face on and off-field challenges

2018 Holidays

  • Program 1: Oct 3, 4, 5
  • Program 2: Oct 8, 9, 10

2019 Holidays

  • Program 1: Jan 9, 10, 11
  • Program 2: Jan 14, 15, 16

Winter Holiday Programs

Choose your Holiday Program Package

9 Day Super Pass

$ 547 For 54 Hours
  • Save $200
  • 18 masterclasses and heaps of activities!
  • Unbelievable value!
Best Value

6 Day Value Pass

$ 398 For 36 Hours
  • Save $100
  • 12 masterclasses and lots of activities!
  • Big savings!

3 Day Confidence Boost Program

$ 249 For 18 Hours
  • Save $20
  • 6 masterclasses and plenty of activities!
  • Great Value!

Daily Pass

$ 90 For 6 Hours
  • Most Flexible
  • 2 masterclasses and activities!
  • Pick your schedule

Curriculum - Based Cricket Coaching

When your child goes off to cricket coaching you want to know that they won't fall through the cracks or miss anything. That's why we developed the Big Future Coaching Curriculum - a clear, step by step coaching structure that covers all the core cricketing fundamentals, real-life game strategy and mindset coaching. It ensures that nothing is missed in your child's journey to become a well rounded cricketer.

Qualified Educators

How do you know you're choosing a coach who can bring the best out of your child? As the only cricket academy in Western Sydney run by a qualified primary school teacher, Big Future has incorporated the latest in educational psychology into our Cricket Coaching Framework, so you get the peace of mind knowing your child is learning from an academy that's spent thousands of hours helping children be their best.

Beyond Cricket

Of course you want your child to become a great cricketer. But it's more than that. It's about how they carry themselves once they put the bat and ball away. At Big Future, your child will learn important mental skills like resilience, focus and teamwork - the kind of skills that lead to better grades and improved confidence. At Big Future, we're committed to creating great cricketers and even better people.

Still Not Convinced We Are The Right Academy for Your Child?


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