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Private Cricket Coaching

Private cricket coaching sessions typically result in a fast improvement of cricketing fundamentals and are our most popular kinds of sessions.

Your child will spend 1 hour practicing batting, bowling and fielding skills under close supervision from our highly trained coaches.

The level of attention and focus your child receives means their cricketing game will advance faster than ever. But it’s not just the cricketing skills. Private coaching also provides a great opportunity for kids to learn the all important mental skills that will benefit them on and off the field.

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Experience the Big Future Cricket Academy approach first-hand, for only $39, before entrusting your child with us.

Big Success Stories

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When Neel first started with us, he hadn’t played rep cricket before. He was being considered as a bowler but his back was sore when he bowled. He had been practicing heaps and was really interested in making the Parramatta Green Shield side. We worked on his batting, bowling and mental skills. We made corrections to his bowling technique that had him bowling faster, with more bounce and the best part – pain free. On his batting we developed a technique that could take on any bowling attack. We also worked on his mindset, giving him the freedom to be himself and enjoy batting. Taking the stress out of it meant his ability to execute his skills sky-rocketed. Now he really is the complete package as a cricketer. He made the Green Shield Squad a year early (at 14 years old!) which is a remarkable achievement. At the trials he was asked to bat against the fastest bowlers in the area and he did it with ease. He bowled at the best batsmen in the area and made them really uncomfortable. He also made his local rep side and best of all, you can’t wipe the smile off his face. He’s loving cricket!


When we first started working with Pete he was really shy. He was an excellent cricketer who got hit by a fast bowler and lost his confidence along with his desire to play the game he loved. We worked on his mental skills as well as his batting and bowling. We set him homework tasks designed to build self confidence and a positive attitude. We also worked on technical aspects of his game to hit the ball harder and to bowl faster and more accurately. Now Pete is far more positive, open and confident than when he started with us. His courage against fast bowling increases each session and he focuses on the positives. Each session he gains more confidence, that smile gets bigger and bigger. Not only does he continue to improve as a cricketer, he’s also really developing off of the field.


When Tanisha first started with us she was just starting out in cricket. She overthought everything in her head and that resulted in her missing lots of balls. She was also really scared of the ball. We worked on her batting and bowling technique and also the mental side of her game. We kept things really fun and set homework tasks designed to free her up and let her have fun while she played. We also had conversations to help her be herself rather than worrying about letting other people down. Now she’s a different girl! Her batting and leg spin continue to improve and she works up the courage to face hard balls and faster bowling in the nets. She has no problem making mistakes and gets over them quickly and she also tells us that she is more relaxed and being herself, that things have never gone better at school with her friends! Really excitingly as well, she’s been invited to join the Parramatta District Women’s program which is a huge achievement!

Book a Hit ‘n’ See session

Experience the Big Future Cricket Academy approach first-hand, for only $39, before entrusting your child with us.

Our Private Coaching programs are designed to give your child just what they need.

Noticeably increased confidence

Big improvement in cricket skills

Mental skills development

Individualised skill development plan

Weekly progress update, including videos and audio

On demand access to the coach and Head Coach in a private group

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Choosing a cricket coach can be hard. The wrong choice can not only be a waste of time, but also end up setting your child backwards, damaging their skillset, confidence and love for the game. That’s why we offer a $39 Hit ‘n’ See trial, so you can experience the Big Future Cricket Academy approach first-hand before entrusting your child with us.


We know the most important part of any sport is that children love it, and we’re proud to say we are second to none at making our programs fun so that your child falls in love with cricket, at the same time our curriculum-based approach focuses on building core cricketing skills while also developing resilience, tenacity and confidence.


When your child comes to Big Future Cricket Academy, you get the peace of mind knowing our academy is firmly grounded in educational best practice and designed to help children realise their potential – as cricketers and as people. It’s cricket coaching beyond the bat and ball.


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